Fast Diving offers the following programs.

Springboard Diving:  INTRODUCTION

Basic springboard diving skills such as the forward jump, hurdle as well as the back jump are taught.  In our sport  the five basic dives (front, back, reverse, inward, and twist) will be introduced to divers that are ready.  This is a safe, fun, active way to introduce diving hopefuls to the sport.  Diving develops balance, coordination, and self confidence.

Skills Taught = TY100ACB, Hurdle 100ACB, TY200ACB, MattSlide001A, MattSlide002A

COST = $50/MO 1 CLASS/WEEK – TUES 630-730

Springboard Diving:  Lessons

Once basic skills are mastered – lesson divers are taught the dives, drills,  and positions used in somersaulting and twisting. Trampoline, tumbling, and light conditioning are emphasised for a more productive learning experience.

Skills Taught = TY100ACB, Hurdle 100ACB, TY200ACB, MattSlide001A, MattSlide002A

1SH100ACB, FAFJACB, 400A, 300A

COST = $100/MO 2 CLASS/WEEK – TUES, THURS 630-730

Springboard Diving:  Pre-Team

Once Lessons skills have developed  – competition skills and techniques are worked on preparing athletes for local competitions. Emphasis on core conditioning along with body weight exercise and basic gymnastics tumbling.

COST = $200/MO 3-4 CLASSES/WEEK – TUES,THURS, FRI 630-730 – SAT 830-930AM

Skills = 001-3m, ADDED 1-2 DAYS GYM.

Springboard and Platform Diving:  Novice

Novice divers are introduced to the basic water entry positions (line ups) and basic preparation skills for multiple somersaults and twists. Continued emphasis on core conditioning along with body weight exercise and basic gymnastics tumbling. Fear management is addressed. Novice Divers train 3-5 days per week for 90-120 minutes / session.  


Springboard and Platform Diving:  JO Team

JO Divers train 5-6 days per week for 120-150 minute sessions. Emphasis on technique and breaking down skills to basic components to establish habits and routines that generate success. Mental preparation is introduced.


Springboard Diving:  YMCA TEAM

Novice, JO, High School, and Elite divers have the option to compete for our local YMCA at the YMCA National Championships. This is a high energy season with a finale in south Florida!


Springboard Diving:  High School

High school diving is reemerging! We run programs in several leagues within CIF Southern Section and CIF LA. We have new clinics for high school divers. We are looking to expand into more territories – If you want diving in your league – contact us – we have a solution! We also have a program currently serving Fullerton, Costa Mesa, Claremont, and Huntington Beach if you have an interested student athlete.

Springboard and Platform Diving:  Elite

The pride and joy of every athletic program is entrance into the elite training groups. This is by invite only. We do however – welcome elite athletes –  in addition to elite team members, who raise the level of those around them. Contact us if your ability or your attitude qualify you for elite training.